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Quiz: What Type Of Nose Do I Have?

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Questions & Options

1. Do you breathe well through your nose?

126801 I take in a lot of oxygen
126802 I often use nasal sprays
126803 I sometimes have congestion
126804 Yes definitely

2. How will you define your nose as?

126805 Huge
126806 Tiny
126807 Average
126808 Normal

3. Do you have a bump in your nose?

126809 A tiny one
126810 No bumps
126811 I have a bad looking bump
126812 I never noticed

4. Whom does your nose resemble from your family?

126813 My father
126814 My mother
126815 My grandmother
126816 My grandfather

5. Do you have a running nose in winters?

126817 Not necessarily
126818 When I catch a cold
126819 I have that in summers even
126820 Never had a running nose

6. What is the shape of your nose?

126821 I have a nose like Voldemort
126822 Triangular
126823 Round shaped
126824 Bell-shaped

7. In which continent do you live?

126825 America
126826 Asia
126827 Africa
126828 Europe

8. Would you like to change something about your nose?

126829 It's size
126830 It's structure
126831 The bridge
126832 I love my nose as it is

9. What is the size of your nostrils?

126833 Big
126834 Small
126835 Very Big
126836 Very small

10. Do you have hairy nostrils?

126837 Yes, but I trim
126838 No hairs
126839 Hairs panning out
126840 I have small hairs
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