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What Tribe Do You Belong To?

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Questions & Options

1. What is the first thing that you check up on after waking up in the morning?

133990 Messages
133991 News headlines
133992 The time
133993 The outside view from my balcony

2. How often do you check your social media?

133994 Every 30 minutes
133995 A couple of times in a day
133996 Once or twice a day
133997 Once a week, depending on my mood

3. What is your favorite pastime when you are online?

133998 Chatting with friends
133999 Watching films, YouTube videos, vines, etc.
134000 Shopping some cool stuff
134001 Playing games

4. If you would be an animal for a day, what would you be?

134002 Dog
134003 Cat
134004 Snake
134005 Fox

5. How many digital subscriptions do you have paid for?

134006 Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, etc.
134007 I prefer to watch live TV
134008 I don’t have any interest in this
134009 I use my friends’ or sibling’s subscriptions

6. You are having some free time after a long week. How would you spend it?

134010 Having a chitchat time with my family
134011 Getting lost in books that are in my wish list
134012 Binge watching latest Netflix series
134013 Relaxing and sleeping under my warm blanket

7. How often do you prefer having phone calls?

134014 I often call clients and my personal contacts
134015 I am always skyping
134016 I prefer texting
134017 I don’t mind if the other person calls me

8. Which celebrity you are most likely to follow on Instagram?

134018 Kim Kardashian
134019 Anna Wintour
134020 Taylor Swift
134021 Brad Pitt

9. How do you get the latest news of the day?

134022 Instagram
134023 I read newspaper daily
134024 News apps
134025 I get headlines through push notifications

10. You have got an Amazon gift voucher. Where would you spend it?

134026 Grocery items
134027 Clothes and accessories
134028 Furniture
134029 Electronic devices
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