What Should I Go To College For Quiz

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Every person aims for some or other option or desire to be fulfilled in their college time. One becomes or step forward for being more confident, lose public speaking fear, gain knowledge and build up a career in their respective interest of field. One not only learns the things theoretically but also execute it practically, thus it also acts as a stepping stone for further career goals.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you consider to be your priority in your life goals?

A. Education

B. Skills

C. Money

D. Reputation

2. Which word describes you best when it is about your personality?

A. Sportsman

B. Public speaker

C. Studious

D. Confident

3. When it comes upon the selection of your career what would you prefer to choose?

A. Corporate sector Job

B. Journalism

C. Sports field

D. Business

4. What activities do you enjoy the most in participating in college/school?

A. Debate

B. Quiz

C. Games

D. None

5. How much would you rate up yourself when it comes about confidence?

A. Excellent

B. Good

C. Average

D. Lacking

6. How frequently do you hang out with your friends?

A. Once in a week

B. Once in a month

C. Rarely

D. Do not hangout

7. What sort of personality you are when it is about socializing?

A. Friendly

B. Reserved

C. Shy

D. Depends over the person in front

8. Do you fear up of ragging in college?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. Never given a thought to it

9. What views do you have regarding the participation in the activities conducted frequently?

A. Fun

B. Competition

C. Waste of time

D. Depends over mood

10. What do you enjoy the most?

A. Sports

B. Hanging out with friends

C. Books

D. All dependent over the mood


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