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Quiz: What Should I Be When I Grow Up?

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Discoverer or medical practitioner or an engineer or a cop; what is the right career choice I should opt for? Everybody aspires to have a yielding career when they grow up. Different people have differing aspirations. Some manage to realize it, while others fail to achieve what they dream. Whether it be scientist, air force pilot or engineer we all dream to achieve something when we grow up. Well, try to find what should you be when you grow up with the help of the below-mentioned quiz.

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1. What aspirations do you have?

55530 I want to be an air force pilot
55531 I want to be an engineer
55532 I want to be an actor
55533 I want to be a writer

2. Which field interests you the most?

55534 Aeronautical engineering
55535 Defense
55536 Space Science
55537 Information technology

3. Do you have ambitions when you grow up?

55538 Yes, I do have ambitions
55539 I am currently figuring out what to do in the future
55540 No, I do not have ambition
55541 I am not sure what to say

4. What was your childhood dream?

55542 To be a pilot
55543 To be a sportsperson
55544 To be a teacher
55545 To be a military man

5. Do you have family backing for your efforts?

55546 Yes, they are supportive
55547 No, they are not
55548 I have to convince them to support me
55549 I do not need support

6. Do you share your ambition with others?

55550 Yes, always and very often
55551 No, not really
55552 Very few people know about my ambition
55553 I will share when the time comes

7. Do you miss your childhood?

55554 Yes, I do so very much
55555 Rather sometimes
55556 No, I am happy to be grown up
55557 I have no idea

8. Will you be able to achieve your dream when you grow up?

55558 Of course why not
55559 I believe I can to some extent
55560 No, I do not believe so
55561 Can’t say anything

9. Do you want to be a role model when you grow up?

55562 Yes, I want to be a role model
55563 I want to be a trendsetter
55564 No, I do not
55565 I do not know what I want to be

10. Will you be able to guide others when you grow up?

55566 Yes, I will be the guiding factor
55567 I will make people follow me
55568 No, I will not be able to do so
55569 I do not know what the future holds for me
Let’s start the quiz

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