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What Age Am I Quiz

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Evolution is a part of life and everything evolves with time. Some people are so active that they seem much younger from their age whereas others appear older than they actually are. Do people always fail to guess the right age? Do you amaze them with your energy? Recheck, reply to this aging quiz and know the close guess with just 10 simple questions.

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1. What do you do on weekends?

63694 Party
63695 Shopping
63696 Sleeping
63697 Random activities

2. What is the best combination for your potato chips?

63698 Cheese sauce
63699 Salsa
63700 Mayonnaise dip
63701 Hummus

3. What do see as the best way to spend evenings?

63702 Go on a walk
63703 Watch TV on the couch
63704 Slip into the bed and sleep, I am exhausted after long working hours
63705 Go shopping for essentials

4. If you are asked to give up one thing, what would it be?

63706 Books
63707 Pizza & Burger
63708 Nothing
63709 There are many things

5. How often go out for dinner?

63710 Once a week
63711 Once in 6 months
63712 Once in a year
63713 Often

6. Who is your best companion for dinner?

63714 Family
63715 Spouse
63716 Friends
63717 Girlfriend/Boyfriend

7. What relaxes you?

63718 Watching T.V.
63719 Playing video games
63720 Reading the favorite book
63721 Long talks over the phone

8. What ice cream flavor do you like?

63722 Chocolate
63723 Strawberry
63724 Pomegranate
63725 I don’t like ice creams

9. Which superhero character do you identify with?

63726 Superman
63727 Spiderman
63728 Archie
63729 Tom

10. What is the first thing you order in a restaurant?

63730 French fries and Burger
63731 Some healthy soup
63732 Steaks
63733 Salads
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