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What Mythical Creature Am I Quiz

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Mythical creatures are fiery and they cause harm to humans and other living souls alike. Mythical creatures have been in existence since ancient times. Such creatures are either worshipped in some cultures or they are hated altogether for their wild and wicked ways. Your personality may match any of them. The quiz below will give us the answers to the type of mythical creature you are.

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1. Describe your appearance?

55330 I am a sea monster
55331 I am a vampire
55332 I am a dragon
55333 I am an evil dog

2. You yourself remind you of which mythical creature?

55334 Black dog
55335 Dragon
55336 I am a ghost
55337 I am an ogre

3. Do you find out a mythical being in you?

55338 Yes, I do so
55339 Sometimes but not always
55340 No, I do not
55341 I am not sure

4. Why do you born as a mythical creature?

55342 Due to the curse of elders
55343 Because my ancestors are one
55344 Due to my karma
55345 I was destined to be born like that

5. Do you like to frighten others?

55346 Yes, always
55347 Sometimes and occasionally
55348 No, I do not like to
55349 I am a quiet creature

6. How nice are you with others?

55350 I do not adjust with others
55351 I am always friendly and supportive
55352 I do not care about others
55353 I prefer to do everything on my own

7. How long creatures like you live?

55354 20 years
55355 40 years
55356 100 years
55357 We are immortal creatures

8. Do you intend to rule the world?

55358 Yes, I do
55359 I will try if I want to
55360 No, I do not
55361 Can’t say anything about it

9. Are you scared of other creatures?

55362 Yes, I am scared
55363 Not really though
55364 To some extent
55365 Nothing can scare me precisely

10. Do you think humans will remember you for long?

55366 Yes, I have carved a niche for myself
55367 No, they will not
55368 They look down upon me
55369 I will be in their minds always
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