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Quiz: What Kind of Romantic Partner Do You Want?

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Romance is an important part of the relationship because due to romance person come closure to each other. In a relationship, everyone needs romance and satisfaction because it is the need of the body. After romance, you feel good and relax. It is a stress-releasing practice also. So for a good romance, you need a good romantic partner, so take this quiz and know what kind of romantic partner you want?

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1. Do you believe in true love?

4576 No
4577 Sometimes when you experienced it
4578 Yes
4579 No you believe in practicality

2. What kind of movie do you like most?

4580 Porn movies
4581 Action movie
4582 Romantic movie
4583 Any kind of movie which was based on any real incident

3. One word which describes you totally……

4584 Horny
4585 Possessive
4586 Caring
4587 Practicality

4. What is the most romantic thing?

4588 Doing sex
4589 Kissing
4590 Cuddle
4591 All the things which you want to do with your partner

5. In your free time, what you want to do?

4592 Watching sexy movie
4593 Talking with your partner
4594 Reading books
4595 I have no free time

6. What is most attractive in your partner?

4596 His/her physique
4597 Eyes
4598 All the things
4599 Way of talking

7. According to you, sex is important or not?

4600 Yes of course
4601 Not in every condition
4602 Love is first priority
4603 May be

8. Do you want that your partner should be financially stable?

4604 Yes
4605 No
4606 If you love him/her then no condition is allowed
4607 Yes because it is necessary
Let’s start the quiz

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