Quiz- What Is Your Soul Aesthetic?

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Do you get attracted to specific designs or aesthetics that perfectly express your personality and preferences? This quiz is intended to assist you in discovering your soul aesthetic, which perfectly reflects your uniqueness and flair. Perhaps you'll discover that you have a modern aesthetic, with clean lines and a focus on simplicity and utility. Alternatively, your soul aesthetic could be more romantic, with soft colors, flowery patterns, and vintage-inspired accents. There is an aesthetic out there that exactly matches your attitude, no matter what your preferences are. So, are you ready to discover your soul aesthetic? Take this quiz now to begin your path of self-discovery. This quiz is a great place to start if you're seeking home design ideas, fashion ideas, or just a better knowledge of your distinct style. Let's get this party started!

Questions Excerpt

1. Which color palette appeals to you the most?

A. Bright and striking colours

B. Earthy and neutral tones

C. Soft pastels

D. Dark and moody shades

2. What clothing style do you feel most comfortable in?

A. Bohemian and free-spirited

B. Simple and timeless

C. Vintage-inspired

D. Modern and edgy

3. Which pattern do you prefer?

A. Geometric designs

B. Tribal prints

C. Floral motifs

D. Stripes or chevron patterns

4. Which type of accessories do you like best?

A. Chunky and bold statement pieces

B. Simple and delicate jewelry

C. Vintage-inspired accessories

D. Sleek and modern accessories

5. What type of music do you enjoy listening to?

A. World music

B. Classical music

C. Indie or folk music

D. Electronic or pop music

6. What type of furniture do you prefer?

A. Bohemian-style furniture with an array of colors and patterns

B. Modern and minimalist furniture with clean lines

C. Vintage or antique furniture with a unique character and history

D. Rustic or farmhouse-style furniture with natural materials and textures

7. What type of artwork do you appreciate?

A. Abstract or contemporary art

B. Ethnic or tribal art

C. Impressionist or romantic art

D. Pop art or graphic art

8. Which kind of plants do you like to have in your home?

A. Succulents or cacti

B. Large and leafy plants

C. Soft and delicate flowers

D. No plants at all

9. What type of books do you enjoy reading?

A. Philosophy or self-help books

B. Biographies or history books

C. Romance or poetry books

D. Science fiction or fantasy books

10. What kind of movies or TV shows do you like to watch?

A. Documentaries or indie films

B. Classic or period dramas

C. Romantic comedies or dramas

D. Action or sci-fi movies or shows

11. Which type of food do you prefer?

A. Spicy or exotic cuisine

B. Simple and healthy meals

C. Comfort food or home-cooked meals

D. Trendy or fusion cuisine

12. What type of travel destinations do you like to visit?

A. Beach or tropical destinations

B. Big cities with modern architecture

C. Historic or cultural destinations

D. Nature or wilderness destinations

13. What type of hobbies do you enjoy?

A. Yoga or meditation

B. Running or fitness

C. Crafting or DIY projects

D. Gaming or technology-related hobbies

14. Which scents do you prefer?

A. Fresh and citrusy scents

B. Earthy or woody scents

C. Floral or sweet scents

D. Spicy or musky scents

15. Which social events do you enjoy attending?

A. Art exhibits or cultural festivals

B. Business or networking events

C. Weddings or formal events

D. Concerts or music festivals


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