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Quiz: What Is My Zodiac Sign?

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Questions & Options

1. What is your food like?

54462 Fruits and Vegetables
54463 I am fine with whatever served
54464 Soup and juices
54465 Comfort food

2. Do you believe in astrology?

54466 Yes
54467 No
54468 What’s that
54469 Somewhat

3. What does sign predict for you?

54470 I will be a successful person
54471 I will struggle to make ends meet
54472 I will partially succeed
54473 Not sure what to say

4. How different is your zodiac sign from other signs?

54474 Very different
54475 Quite similar
54476 Almost similar
54477 Better than others

5. Does your zodiac sign let you down?

54478 No not at all
54479 Yes sometimes
54480 Always
54481 I am not sure about it

6. Does your zodiac sign make you feel confident?

54482 Extremely confident
54483 To some extent
54484 I feel betrayed
54485 I prefer not to say

7. Do you get thumbs up for your zodiac sign?

54486 Yes of course
54487 Rather sometimes
54488 I am trolled all the time
54489 Can’t say anything about it

8. Has your zodiac sign enhanced your career?

54490 Yes, my career is at a higher growth trajectory
54491 I have slid down to some extent
54492 No, it has not
54493 I am not sure about it

9. Does your zodiac sign make you feel friendly and accommodating?

54494 Yes, I think so
54495 Sometimes I feel so
54496 I am neutral at this
54497 Never know what others perceive

10. What is so bad about your zodiac sign?

54498 It is superior to others
54499 It is average looking sign
54500 It is a negative sign
54501 I cannot say anything about it
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