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Spirit Animal Test: What Is Your Spirit Animal Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Does someone's comment over you matters and affects to you?

16645 Yes
16646 Sometimes
16647 No
16648 Never care for it

2. Which word can describe you the best?

16649 Fun Loving
16650 Short Tempered
16651 Simple
16652 Carzy

3. Do you believe in being good to all including one who has hard feelings for you?

16653 Yes
16654 No
16655 Revenge
16656 Be the way person is

4. How frequently do you go for outing and enjoyment?

16657 Weekly
16658 Monthly
16659 Whenever get time
16660 When want to change mood

5. According to you what must be a priority in one's life?

16661 Love
16662 Trust
16663 Honesty
16664 All

6. If you are in a situation where you are completely drained in your sorrow but all around you everyone is enjoying what would you do?

16665 Be upset
16666 Try to enjoy
16667 Will be happy with them for them
16668 Leave the place

7. What gives you happiness the most?

16669 Fun
16670 Travelling
16671 Family
16672 According to mood

8. Are you flexible according to the situation of life?

16673 Yes
16674 No
16675 Sometimes
16676 Never thought of it

9. Are you self motivated?

16677 Yes
16678 No
16679 Needs motivation
16680 Don't know

10. What do you think one should not be weak at what part?

16681 Emotional
16682 Health
16683 Wealth
16684 All
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