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Quiz: What Is My Patronus?

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Patronus is an animal charm illustration. A silver-image Patronus which is a favorite of fans represents positive energy. Wizardry is an art of showing one’s magical powers and was practiced in medieval times. Do you believe in making the stern task easier or thinks of an unusual magical guardian? Let us take this quiz to find out what are your Patronus and the answers to it.

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1. What is your Patronus?

55770 Extraordinary
55771 Ordinary
55772 Average
55773 Below average

2. How is it to be a Patronus?

55774 I am extremely proud
55775 I am ecstatic
55776 I do not feel anything
55777 Others boo me

3. What ambitions do you have as a Patronus?

55778 To create a magic lake
55779 To create a magic forest with mythical creatures
55780 No, I do not have any ambition
55781 To create witches and wizards

4. Was Patronus your childhood dream?

55782 Yes it was
55783 No, it was not
55784 I became a Patronus only recently
55785 Not sure

5. Do others like your Patronus?

55786 Yes, it is
55787 No, it is not
55788 I have to convince others about my Patronus
55789 I manage somehow

6. Do you share your Patronus with others?

55790 Yes, always and very often
55791 No, not really
55792 Very few people know about my Patronus
55793 I will share when the time comes

7. Were you a Patronus since childhood?

55794 I was a Patronus since my birth
55795 I learned it from my master later
55796 No, I was not born with Patronus skills
55797 I have no idea

8. Will you be a successful Patronus when you grow up?

55798 Of course why not
55799 I believe I will be to some extent
55800 No, I do not believe so
55801 Can’t say anything

9. Do you want to be a trendsetter for others?

55802 Yes, I want to be one
55803 Maybe I have never thought so
55804 No, I do not want to be one
55805 I am in a dilemma what to say

10. How do you compare your Patronus from others?

55806 I have great magical powers
55807 I am an ordinary wizard to be precise
55808 No, I do not want to compare me with others
55809 I do not believe in comparison
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