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What Hairstyle Suits Me Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Are you an athletic individual or a girly?

28358 Athletic
28359 Girly
28360 Both at some point
28361 I don’t know

2. What’s your style?

28362 Tank top charming shorts a canvas shoes
28363 Smaller than expected dress with charming shoes
28364 Skirt and a singlet
28365 Gathering dress and heels

3. What do you do in your extra time?

28366 Email companions a play tests
28367 Do stuff outside
28368 Hang with companions
28369 Tune in to music

4. What do you cherish most about yourself?

28370 My figure
28371 My eyes
28372 My face shape
28373 My muscle

5. What’s your preferred kind of music?

28374 Quiet yet decent music
28375 Triple j
28376 Pop and so on rihanna ,beyonce
28377 Simple acoustic music

6. What do you search for in a companion?

28378 Sweet and legit
28379 Fun and reasonable
28380 Reasonable a cool
28381 Photograph upbeat and entertaining

7. What do you search for in a person?

28382 Hot a cool
28383 Fun and athletetic
28384 Attractive an entertaining
28385 Legit a decent

8. Most loved sorts of sustenance:

28386 Treat a dessert
28387 Solid
28388 Baked goods a doughnuts a stuff
28389 Great meats

9. What’s your current hair color?

28390 Burgundy
28391 Brown
28392 Black
28393 Silver

10. What sort of hairstyle you are looking for?

28394 Curly
28395 Straight
28396 Wavy
28397 Any is perfect
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