What Fast Food Should I Eat Quiz

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The food that is best for us depends on the number of calories and nutritional content it has. Because it has such a huge impact on one's health, choosing the right kind of food is just as vital as working out or going to the gym. Another consideration is if we desire to gain or lose weight. Taking all this into account, this quiz can help you decide which fast food is best for you to consume, and has the right kind of impact on your body. Try it and find out which fast food you should eat.

Questions Excerpt

1. What would you prefer to eat at breakfast on a Sunday morning?

A. Cereals

B. Oats

C. Egg sandwich

D. Pasta

2. Which sauce do you like the most?

A. Schezwan sauce

B. Barbecue sauce

C. Black bean sauce

D. Garlic sauce

3. Which ice cream flavor is your favorite?

A. Vanilla

B. Butterscotch

C. Chocolate

D. Strawberry

4. Which brand of chocolate would you like to have right now?

A. Mars

B. Cadbury

C. Ferrero Rocher

D. Option 4

5. What is your all-time favorite snack?

A. Potato chips

B. Cookies

C. Pancake

D. Bagel

6. What type of gift would you like to receive?

A. Perfume

B. Flowers

C. Accessories

D. Clothes

7. What is your favorite color?

A. Red

B. Yellow

C. Green

D. White

8. Which among these would best describe you?

A. Introvert

B. Extrovert

C. Ambivert

D. None

9. What do you do at parties?

A. Dance around freely

B. Talk to people and socialize

C. Drink in a corner

D. I don’t go to parties

10. What character trait would best describe you?

A. Shy

B. Ambitious

C. Loving

D. Honest

11. What music genre is your favorite?

A. Pop

B. Rock

C. Jazz

D. Classical

12. What is your favorite tourist place?

A. Mountains

B. Beach

C. City

D. Forest

13. How do you spend your birthday?

A. I throw a party

B. I ask for gifts

C. I stay at home alone and watch my favorite show

D. I go to work like usual

14. How often do you pray?

A. Daily

B. Once a week

C. Once a month

D. I am an atheist

15. How much would you rate your cooking skills out of ten?

A. Zero

B. Below 5

C. 5 to 9

D. 10


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