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What Do I Look Like Quiz

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Isn't this strange that there are around 800 crore people in the world and yet no two people look exactly similar? People are always curious about how they look. Are you stylish and your colleagues looking up to you for the latest fashion trends? You always want to look handsome and act smart. So, here is an interesting 10 question quiz that tells how do you look like.

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1. Which fashion do you like the most?

53058 Casual
53059 Trendy
53060 Exotic
53061 Elegant

2. Which is your favorite style?

53062 Business casual
53063 Streetwear
53064 Sportswear
53065 Evening Black tie

3. Which male celebrity do you look like?

53066 Megan Morkel
53067 Venus Willams
53068 Ricky Martin
53069 Akshay Kumar

4. How many pairs of shoes you have?

53070 Less than 3
53071 5
53072 8
53073 More than 8

5. Who is your favorite football player?

53074 Lionel Messi
53075 Cristiano Ronaldo
53076 Neymar
53077 Luis Suarez

6. Which is your favorite Hollywood actress?

53078 Meryl Streep
53079 Jennifer Lawrence
53080 Julia Roberts
53081 Jennifer Aniston

7. Do you make enough money?

53082 Yes
53083 You can never have enough money
53084 I don't earn
53085 No

8. Where do you live?

53086 In sectors
53087 In the village
53088 In a town
53089 In an apartment

9. Who are you?

53090 Student
53091 Politician
53092 Sportsman
53093 Writer

10. How many shirts do you have?

53094 Less than 3
53095 3-5
53096 5-7
53097 More than 7
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