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What Business Should I Start Quiz

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With the advancement in technology, there are fewer jobs and more businesses. Moreover business provides you a better income source. It is a good opportunity especially for the youth because they have more energy and can devote more time. Good at business means more money and more status in society. Here is an interesting 10 question quiz on What business should I start. Let's enjoy What Business Should I Start Quiz.

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1. What type of business entity you want to open?

52446 Private Ltd Company
52447 Public Ltd Company
52448 Unlimited Company
52449 Partnership

2. Who else owns a business nearby you?

52450 Friend
52451 Relatives
52452 We have family business
52453 No one

3. Which according to you is the best business in india among the following?

52454 Distillation of Water
52455 Making Leather Sandals
52456 Making Plastic Folders
52457 Making School Bags

4. Have you studied business or economics?

52458 Yes, i have done graduation in that
52459 Yes, but till 12th class
52460 No, but i have experience of my family business
52461 No, not at all

5. Do you really enjoy doing a business?

52462 Yes, absolutely
52463 Yes, Probably
52464 No, just because of family pressure
52465 No, but have no other choice

6. How much initial investment you would do in your business?

52466 Less than 1 lakh
52467 1 lac - 5 lacs
52468 5 lacs - 10 lacs
52469 More than 10 lacs

7. What small business you would like to start?

52470 Poultry farming
52471 Printing and Photocopying
52472 Selling second hand clothes
52473 Other

8. With whom you would like to do a partnership in business?

52474 Family member
52475 Friend
52476 Relatives
52477 Nobody

9. What according to you is the best business for the beginners among the following?

52478 Home Contractor
52479 Lawn Care Specialist
52480 Freelance Writer
52481 Blogger
Let’s start the quiz

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