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Quiz: What Are My Talents?

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Several people have different kinds of talents that make them either different from each other or similar to each other. Your talents do define a lot about you, your choices as well as your personality. We ourselves judge several people on the basis of their talents. Has this thought ever crossed your mind about what if your talent defines your personality or which talent might be the best fit for you? Try out this very interesting and fun quiz that will guide you through the question of what are my talents?

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1. How often you are good at focusing?

131313 Often
131314 Very often
131315 Rarely
131316 Somewhat

2. What describes your closet?

131317 All black
131318 Kinda empty
131319 Prefectly filled
131320 Overflowing

3. What is your first reaction when you hear gossip?

131321 Startled
131322 Not interested
131323 I will change the subject
131324 Depends upon the gossip

4. Are you more detail-oriented or better at taking a broader view?

131325 Detail oriented
131326 Broader view
131327 Somewhere in the middle
131328 Depends on the situation

5. Are you a good multitasker?

131329 Somewhat agree
131330 Somewhat disagree
131331 Agree
131332 Disagree

6. How often do you keep a to-do-list?

131333 Often
131334 Very often
131335 Somewhat
131336 Rarely

7. How do you feel if you have nothing to do on weekend?

131337 Kinda bore
131338 Happy
131339 Relaxed but not very happy
131340 Stressed

8. How often do you like to organize big parties?

131341 Very Often
131342 Often
131343 Somewhat
131344 Rarely

9. How do you feel when everything goes wrong in your life?

131345 Stay calm
131346 Stressed
131347 Cry a lot
131348 Ignore all of it

10. How often are you dedicated to any project?

131349 Often
131350 Rarely
131351 Somewhat
131352 Very often

11. Which type of project would you rather volunteer for?

131353 Organizing a big event
131354 Wiring a long paper
131355 Doing some charity
131356 Managing a large team

12. You like to work alone or in a group?

131357 Alone
131358 With group
131359 With animals
131360 I am comfortable with anyone
Let’s start the quiz

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