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Anime Character Quiz: Which Anime Character Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. What is increasingly significant?

27594 Respect
27595 Notoriety
27596 Shrewdness
27597 The little individuals who live inside my nose

2. What do you esteem in other individuals?

27598 Virtue
27599 Haphazardness
27600 Quality
27601 Convenience

3. What is your maxim?

27602 Do what you need, when you need, where you need
27603 I am the best!
27604 The World Is refuse
27605 Do whatever I should to accomplish my objectives

4. What would you do if somebody is annoying you?

27606 Tune them out
27607 Demonstrate to them who the supervisor is
27608 Get another person to deal with them for me
27609 Nothing

5. Which of the accompanying do you despise?

27610 Other individuals
27611 Men attempting to hold me down
27612 Being uncovered as a cheat
27613 Any sort of hostility

6. Which of coming up next would one say one is of your side interests?

27614 Math
27615 Simply being amazing
27616 Tasting wine
27617 Causing torment upon others

7. For what reason would you say you are taking this test?

27618 To attempt to become familiar with myself
27619 For the sake of entertainment
27620 Because I want to
27621 To fulfill my fatigue

8. What is one the thing you need?

27622 To vanquish abhorrent
27623 Acknowledgment for who I am
27624 Solid self discipline
27625 To execute individuals

9. What do you like to watch?

27626 Flavor Girls' recordings
27627 Beast Truck Rally
27628 My preferred TV appear, Sumo Bunnys in Space
27629 Catastrophes

10. Which of the accompanying characteristics do you have?

27630 Knowledge
27631 Consideration
27632 High Status
27633 Great comprehension
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