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Water: A Precious Resource Trivia Quiz For 7th Grade

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Water is the most common and useful resource around us. Water is the basic need of all living beings. It is a colorless liquid that constitutes the major part of the earth to survive. 71% of the Earth is water, however, not all of them can be consumed by organisms. The figure above shows that 97% of the Earth's water is saline which is present in the oceans and 3% of the Earth's water is fresh which is present in ice cubes, glaciers, and underground. This freshwater can be obtained from the underground, rivers, and lakes. After knowing the importance of water, awareness is being created by various organizations of the world. To draw everyone's attention to the importance of water conservation, March 22 is celebrated as World Water Day. So let's start this quiz and collect some important questions & answers on Water: A Precious Resource.

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1. Seeping of water into the ground is called ...

117192 Bawri
117193 Aquifers
117194 Infiltration
117195 Water table

2. Recharging groundwater using rainwater is called ...

117196 Aquifers
117197 Infiltration
117198 Drip irrigation
117199 Water Harvesting

3. How much percentage of water on earth is available for our uses?

117200 01 %
117201 71 %
117202 29 %
117203 10 %

4. Which are organic substances present in wastewater?

117204 Pesticides
117205 Herbicides
117206 Fruits and vegetables
117207 All of above

5. Which of the following is not included in the water cycle?

117208 Evaporation
117209 Condensation
117210 Rainwater harvesting
117211 Formation of clouds

6. Which of the following inhibits the seepage of rainwater into the ground ?

117212 Pukka floor
117213 Playground
117214 Grass lawn
117215 Forest land

7. The ................. when collects between the layers of hard rocks are called aquifer?

117216 Rainwater
117217 Groundwater
117218 Surface water
117219 None of these

8. .............. was the traditional way of collecting rainwater?

117220 Rain
117221 Bawri
117222 Water
117223 None of these

9. Using less water and preventing water from getting polluted is called conservation of ..........

117224 Tree
117225 Water
117226 Milk
117227 All of these

10. The main source of water supply for agriculture needs is ...

117228 Groundwater
117229 Surface water
117230 Rainwater
117231 All of above
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