Which Vampire Diaries Character Is Your Soulmate Quiz

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Action, threat, love, and mystery in The Vampire Diaries took the world by storm. The show was not limited to vampires, it kept the excitement on for 8 years, and even after it everyone is so curious to know what character from The Vampire Diaries is. Are you cunning or sweet or mysterious? Let you find yourself what Vampire Diaries character are you by answering the following fun questions.

Questions Excerpt

1. What kind of vehicle do you ride?

A. A bike

B. A Volkswagen Beetle

C. A vintage car

D. A black sports car

2. How do your friends see you?

A. Charming

B. Intelligent

C. Loyal

D. Brave

3. Which used to be your favorite subject in school?

A. Arts

B. Science

C. History

D. Foreign languages

4. Does Dracula appeal to you?

A. Yes

B. No

C. No, I like Bill Compton from True Blood

D. The question reminds of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

5. What is your favorite athletic activity?

A. Cheer-leading

B. Formula 1 racing

C. I’m not into sports

D. Football follower

6. Which of the following drinks is your favorite?

A. Vodka

B. Beer

C. Water

D. Red wine

7. Do you love children?

A. Yes, they are adorable

B. No, I don’t like their mischiefs

C. They are ok

D. I can’t handle them

8. What is your favorite color?

A. Black/Gray

B. White

C. Wine Red/ Deep tones

D. Lilac/Pale

9. Which is the breed of your dog?

A. German Shephard

B. Rottweiler

C. Siberian husky

D. Poodle

10. What is the prominent feature of your bedroom?

A. Dark wooden floor tiles and gray walls

B. Redwood doors & fireplace

C. Modern & Spacious

D. Well lit & white walls

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