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Quiz: How Much You Know About University Of Delhi?

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There are a lot of big universities in India and University of Delhi is the biggest and vast university. It is one of the most difficult universities to get admission into. Almost lakhs students apply for this university for graduation every year and only a few percentage of them get through it. The university of Delhi has always been a cherry-on-top for the job seekers and is highly recommended. It has Undergraduate, Post Graduate and a number of Professional Courses. Let us now have a look at the very amazing and interesting trivia quiz and know how much you know about the very well known, University of Delhi.

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1. Where is University of Delhi situated?

77024 Central Delhi
77025 North Delhi
77026 New Delhi
77027 Old Delhi

2. When was the University founded?

77036 1922
77037 1983
77038 1945
77039 1955

3. University of Delhi was founded by which Act?

77052 South Legislative Assembly
77053 Parliament
77054 Central Legislative Assembly
77055 North Legislative Assembly

4. Who is the Vice-Chancellor of University of Delhi?

77064 Yogesh Tyagi
77065 Harsimran Kaur
77066 Shivani Kohli
77067 Chitwan Lamba

5. Who is the Chancellor of India?

77068 Chief Justice of India
77069 President of India
77070 Vice President of India
77071 Prime Minister of India

6. How many students can be admitted in the university?

77072 26045
77073 23034
77074 30000
77075 50000

7. Which is the oldest college of University of Delhi?

77080 St. Stephen's College
77081 The Hindu
77082 Ramjas College
77083 khalsa College

8. How many colleges does the university have?

77100 75
77101 63
77102 90
77103 20

9. How many facilities are affiliated to University of Delhi

77112 16
77113 51
77114 20
77115 36

10. How many campuses does the university have?

77120 3
77121 1
77122 5
77123 2

11. Who is the visitor of University of India?

77132 President
77133 Vice President
77134 RBI Governor
77135 Chief Justice of India

12. How many centers and institutes does DU have?

77136 30
77137 28
77138 21
77139 25

13. How many courses are available in University of Delhi for undergraduate (UG) and post-graduate (PG)?

77140 240
77141 250
77142 260
77143 270

14. What is the rank of University of Delhi in Asia by QS World University Rankings of 2020?

77144 33
77145 51
77146 60
77147 66

15. How many academic departments are present in University of Delhi?

77148 86
77149 83
77150 56
77151 45
Let’s start the quiz

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