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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Spectroscopy

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When she takes the white light through the prism, she knocks in seven colors. The Simplest Example of spectrometry is that under spectroscopy we study the internal structure of substances. It mainly studies the spectral. Spectroscopy is the study of interstellar matter between real substances and is also called spectroscopy. The foundations of spectroscopy were laid by Newton in 1666 AD. The beam of light coming from a window hole in a closed room to go through a prism to the screen and seven colors in the bandage - r, o, y, g, s, b, and p - were visible in this order.

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1. Light emerging from a Nicol prism has...

22642 Vibrations in only one direction
22643 Vibrations in all directions
22644 No vibration at all
22645 Vibration in two mutually perpendicular -directions.

2. Raman effect is due to......

22646 Total internal reflection
22647 Dispersion effect
22648 Scattering of light
22649 Interference of light

3. In a standing wave, the distance betweena node and adjacent antinode is......

22650 λ/4
22651 3λ/2
22652 λ/ 2
22653 3λ/4

4. X - rays cannot penetrate through.....

22654 Wood
22655 Aluminum
22656 Iron
22657 Lead

5. The transverse wave nature of light was proved by.....

22658 Polarisation
22659 Interference
22660 Diffraction
22661 Refraction

6. Which of the following waves/rays are produced by nuclear changes in the atom?

22662 Infrared rays
22663 Gamma rays
22664 Lights waves
22665 X - rays

7. The splitting of different colors in a prism is called.....

22666 Dispersion
22667 Polarization
22668 Diffraction
22669 Interference

8. X - rays cannot pass through......

22670 Glass
22671 Tree
22672 Bone
22673 None of these

9. The phenomenon which cannot be explained by wave theory is......

22674 Refraction
22675 Photo electric emission
22676 Polarisation
22677 Reflection

10. What is the principle of a thermopile?

22678 Seebeck effect
22679 Zeeman effect
22680 Peltier effect
22681 Crompton effect
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