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Trivia Quiz On Rohit Sharma Indian Cricketer

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Rohit Gurunath Sharma is the most talented and one of the best international cricketers. He is one of the top scoring cricketers of the Indian cricket team. He is an inspiration for several and millions of people. His fans are gathered all around the world as well as in India. He plays for Mumbai in the domestic cricket. Let us now have a look at the trivia quiz and see how much you know about the ideal role Rohit Sharma!

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1. What is the date of birth of Rohit Sharma?

22966 19 august
22967 28 september
22968 30 april
22969 31 december

2. Which year was Rohit Sharma born?

22970 1987
22971 1986
22972 1985
22973 1984

3. Where was Rohit Sharma born?

22974 Bangalore
22975 Nagpur
22976 Barailey
22977 Jaipur

4. What is his age in 2019?

22978 32
22979 34
22980 45
22981 29

5. How many children does Rohit Sharma have?

22982 4
22983 3
22984 2
22985 1

6. What is Rohit Sharma's ODI shirt number?

22986 45
22987 50
22988 65
22989 78

7. What is Rohit sharma's T20 shirt number?

22990 56
22991 89
22992 45
22993 67

8. What is the batting style of Rohit Sharma?

22994 Right handed
22995 Left handed
22996 Center forward
22997 Front

9. What is the best record in ODI made by Rohit Sharma?

22998 267 runs
22999 345 runs
23000 167 runs
23001 264 runs

10. What bowling style id opted by Rohit Sharma?

23002 Slow spin
23003 Left arm off break
23004 Right arm off break
23005 Fast bowling
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