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Quiz: How Much You Know About Veda Krishnamurthy?

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Veda Krishnamurthy is one of the successful players of the Indian woman's cricket team. Her favorite shot is the state drive. Veda is a right-handed batsman. She is the first youngest player to score 1000 runs in a woman's ODI international cricket match. Let's know more about Veda Krishnamurthy.

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1. When is her birthday?

96474 1992
96475 1983
96476 1995
96477 1989

2. Where has Veda Krishnamurthy born?

96478 Uttar Pradesh
96479 Dehli
96480 Karnataka
96481 Assam

3. How many ODI matches she played?

96482 37
96483 54
96484 43
96485 63

4. What is the number of the jersey of Veda Krishnamurthy in India?

96486 56
96487 64
96488 73
96489 79

5. Which is her bowling type?

96490 Left-arm offbreak
96491 Front-arm offbreak
96492 Right-arm leg-break
96493 Left-arm leg-break

6. What is her Batting average in ODI?

96494 23.6
96495 25.9
96496 18.4
96497 29.7

7. What is her Top score?

96498 86
96499 80
96500 75
96501 71

8. Which is her role in the Indian team?

96502 Batting
96503 Bowling
96504 All rounder
96505 None of these

9. When was Veda Krishnamurthy ODI debut?

96506 2006
96507 2003
96508 2007
96509 2011
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