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Trivia Quiz On Robyn Rihanna Fenty Singer

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Rihanna belongs from Barbados. She is an amazing singer, songwriter, record producer, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress as well as a philanthropist. She is very famous for working actively for several musical styles and recreating her image throughout her career. She is a heartthrob for several and millions of people. Let us now see how much you know about Rihanna!

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1. When is her birthday?

21106 20 february
21107 1 july
21108 18 september
21109 16 january

2. Where was she born?

21110 Barbados
21111 New York
21112 San Francisco
21113 Budapest

3. What is her age?

21114 31
21115 34
21116 37
21117 40

4. What is her net worth?

21118 $600 million
21119 $456 million
21120 $870 million
21121 $367 million

5. Who is her boyfriend?

21122 Hassan Jameel
21123 Jay Z
21124 Ray Z
21125 Kayne West

6. How many followers does she have on Instagram?

21126 74.4 million
21127 76.8 million
21128 75.3 million
21129 80.6 million

7. What is her following on Instagram?

21130 1397
21131 1422
21132 1367
21133 1698

8. How many posts she has made on Instagram?

21134 4566
21135 4376
21136 4400
21137 4897

9. What is her favorite colour?

21138 Blue
21139 Yellow
21140 Orange
21141 Purple

10. What is her height?

21142 1.6 meters
21143 1.7 meters
21144 1.8 meters
21145 1.5 meters
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