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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Joe Biden! How Much You Know About Joe Biden?

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Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., the name we all are familiar with. The industry of politics has the name Joe Biden as the main ideology figure since he is probably one of the best politicians the nation ever got. Professionally and famously known as Joe Biden is a very amazing, talented and a very intelligent person whose all the ideas and all the beliefs are still the perfect fit for the nation. we all must have read about the famous personality and his good deeds maybe in our textbooks or might have hard of his name when reading about history. Let us now have a look at the very amazing trivia quiz and see how much you can answer about Joe Biden!

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1. What is the birthdate of Joe Biden?

40379 16 January 1934
40380 20 November 1942
40381 1 July 1940
40382 18 September 1945

2. How did Joe Biden Serve for US?

40383 President
40384 Governer
40385 Minister
40386 Vice President

3. What is the favorite idol of Joe Biden?

40399 Mother
40400 Father
40401 Nelson Mandela
40402 Mahatama Gandhi

4. Which number of vice president was Joe Biden?

40407 47
40408 48
40409 49
40410 50

5. What is the favorite color of Joe Biden?

40411 Black
40412 Blue
40413 Red
40414 Orange

6. What is the height of Joe Biden?

40415 1.79 meters
40416 1.90 meters
40417 1.83 meters
40418 1.65 meters

7. What is the name of party of Joe Biden?

40419 Democratic
40420 Republic
40421 American
40422 None of the above

8. What was the name of ex-wife of Joe Biden?

40423 Rhea Seth
40424 Lisa Haydon
40425 Neilia Hunter
40426 Catherine

9. When did the tenure of Joe Biden started?

40427 2009
40428 2008
40429 2010
40430 2011

10. When did Joe Biden became Delaware in the U.S.Senate?

40439 1990
40440 1965
40441 1970
40442 1973

11. What is the favorite food of Joe Biden?

40459 Italian
40460 Diet
40461 Sea
40462 Chinese

12. When did Joe Biden won Gold Medal Of Freedom?

40463 2018
40464 2015
40465 2004
40466 2009

13. When did Joe Biden active for work?

40467 1970
40468 1969
40469 1968
40470 1967

14. How many children does Joe Biden has?

40471 1
40472 2
40473 3
40474 4

15. What is the name of current wife of Joe Biden?

40475 Jill Biden
40476 Rhea Seth
40477 Catherine
40478 Emilia
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