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Quiz: How Much You Know About Kamala Harris?

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The elections of 2020 in the United States of America have always been great in talks and gossips. The effect of the elections has also affected the markets of various countries significantly. Fortunately, the newly elected Vice President of The United States Of America is Kamala Devi Harris, who has also set a lot of various bars towards women empowerment. Do you think you know all about Kamala Devi Harris? Do you have the intellect to answer all about her? Try out this very interesting and amazing trivia quiz and see How Much You Know About Kamala Harris?

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1. When was Kamala Harris born?

133045 1 July, 1964
133046 6 February, 1964
133047 18 September, 1964
133048 20 October, 1964

2. What is the nationality of Kamala Harris?

133049 Korean
133050 Chinese
133051 American
133052 African

3. What is the name of the husband of Kamala Harris?

133053 Marine Harris
133054 Doug Emholf
133055 Lee Douglas
133056 Robert Darwin

4. What is the name of the father of Kamala Harris?

133057 Donald Harris
133058 Menale Harris
133059 Henry Harris
133060 Francis Harris

5. Which position did Kamala Harris do before becoming vice-president?

133061 Governer
133062 Vice President
133063 President
133064 Senator

6. Kamala Harris set the record for being the first female _________ of USA?

133065 Governer
133066 Senator
133067 Vice President
133068 President

7. Which party does Kamala Harris belong to?

133069 Republi
133070 Democratic
133071 National Congress
133072 None of the above

8. Which country is halfway belonging to Kamala Harris because her mother belongs to that country?

133073 India
133074 Africa
133075 China
133076 South Korea

9. Who is Kamala Harris's sister?

133077 Moilk Harris
133078 Milenia Harris
133079 Meena Harris
133080 Maya Harris

10. In which university did Kamala Harris go after high school?

133081 Delhi University
133082 Oxford
133083 Horword
133084 None of the above

11. When did Kamala Harris run for district attorney?

133085 2002
133086 2003
133087 2000
133088 2010

12. With whom was the friendship of Kamala Harris a great treat to eyes?

133089 Barack Obama
133090 Joe Biden
133091 Prince Charles
133092 Donald Trump
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