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Trivia Quiz On Identity Thief Movie

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Identity Thief is an American film based on entertaining comedy. The story plot revolves around the tale of a boy Sandy who is shocked to learn that someone has stolen his identity and has been eventually living his identity in Florida. When he leaves his home and job to find the real culprit, he also has to deal with bounty hunters and amazing adventures on his way. Let us now see how much you know about the movie!

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1. When was the movie released?

18814 2011
18815 2012
18816 20014
18817 2013

2. who is the director of the movie?

18818 Seth Gordon
18819 Tom Hanks
18820 Robert Frost
18821 Ted Demmy

3. How many people like the movie?

18822 73%
18823 45%
18824 95%
18825 88%

4. What is the duration of the movie?

18826 111 minutes
18827 120 minutes
18828 129 minutes
18829 138 minutes

5. How many ratings were given to the movie?

18830 6.8
18831 5.7
18832 2.9
18833 8.8

6. Who gave the story for the movie?

18838 Ray Z
18839 Kayne West
18840 Craig Mazin
18841 James Albert

7. Who Gave the music to the movie?

18850 Kayne West
18851 Beyonce
18852 Christopher lenneretz
18853 Justin Bieber

8. What is the budget of the movie?

18866 7 crores
18867 3.5 crores
18868 8.9 crores
18869 12 crores

9. What is the total box office collection of the movie?

18886 17.4 crores
18887 13 crores
18888 12.8 crores
18889 34 crores

10. What is the name of the production company of the movie?

18890 Area managers
18891 The V company
18892 Relativity media
18893 The Brace
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