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How Well Do You Know About Bob Dylan Quiz

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We must have heard of various musicians, various singers and very talented songwriters. Maintaining your legacy for the past fifty years and gaining your image day day is like knitting a needle in the one go, simply stating a very difficult task. Bob Dylan, a name we must have popularly heard who is an inspiration for many youngsters. Bob Dylan is a very amazing American singers whose songs and albums are still on everyone's minds. Not just a singer, he is also a very talented songwriter too who has done commendable job. Let us now have a look at the very amazing trivia quiz and see how much do you know about Bob Dylan!

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1. What is the birthdate of Bob dylan?

40227 15 August 1976
40228 24 May 1941
40229 1 July 1930
40230 16 January 1948

2. What is the favorite color of Bob Dylan?

40231 Black
40232 Brown
40233 Blue
40234 Red

3. What is the networth of Bob Dylan?

40235 $100 million
40236 $190 million
40237 $450 million
40238 $200 million

4. When did Bob Dylan die?

40239 July 25, 1965
40240 February 6, 1967
40241 September 18, 1987
40242 None of the above

5. What was the name of first wife of Bob dylan?

40243 Rhea
40244 Emilia
40245 Catherine
40246 Sara

6. What is the name of current wife of Bob Dylan?

40247 Lisa Haydon
40248 Rhea Seth
40249 Carolyn Dennis
40250 Emilia Cathedite

7. What's the favorite food of

40251 Sea Food
40252 Mexican Food
40253 Spanish Food
40254 Italian Food

8. What's the lucky number of Bob Dylan?

40255 1
40256 5
40257 8
40258 6

9. When did Bob Dylan became active?

40259 1959
40260 1960
40261 1961
40262 1962

10. How many children does Bob Dylan has?

40263 2
40264 4
40265 6
40266 8

11. What is the other name of Bob Dylan?

40267 Tommy Gill
40268 Harrod Sen
40269 Tom Cruise
40270 ‎Shabtai Zissel

12. What is the real name of Bob Dylan?

40271 Robert Allen Zimmerman
40272 Tres Gill Sen
40273 Grey Semty
40274 None of the above

13. What is the favorite timepass of Bob Dylan?

40275 Writing
40276 Reading
40277 Playing
40278 Swimming

14. What is the favorite sports of Bob Dylan?

40279 Volleyball
40280 Badminton
40281 Tennis
40282 Football

15. Who is the favorite player of Bob Dylan?

40283 Messi
40284 Ronaldo
40285 Both (a)&(c)
40286 None of the above
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