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Trivia Quiz On Ariana Grande American Singer

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Ariana Grande is a very famous singer, a songwriter and she has also acted in movies. She is a very amazing Grammy award-winning artist with several other awards and multiple talents too. She is the heartthrob for several and millions of people around the world. Now let us try to solve the trivia quiz and see how much you know about Ariana Grande!

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1. When is her birthday?

21146 26 june
21147 14 july
21148 15 november
21149 5 december

2. What is her age?

21150 26
21151 34
21152 27
21153 39

3. Where was she born?

21154 Florida
21155 New York
21156 California
21157 Budapest

4. Where does she live?

21158 California
21159 New York
21160 Thailand
21161 London

5. What instruments does she play?

21162 vocals
21163 piano
21164 guitar
21165 drums

6. When did she start working?

21166 2008
21167 2010
21168 2012
21169 2014

7. What is her father's name?

21170 Joan Grande
21171 John Grande
21172 Jenny Grande
21173 Jihg Grande

8. How many followers does she have on Instagram?

21174 163.1 million
21175 167.8 million
21176 176.9 million
21177 178.6 million

9. What is her following on Instagram?

21178 841
21179 678
21180 793
21181 578

10. How many posts has she made on Instagram?

21182 4337
21183 4587
21184 6785
21185 3456
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