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Trivia Quiz On Semiconductor Material In Science

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1. What is the effect on the electrical conductivity of semiconductors when increasing temperature?

64486 Electrical Conductivity Increases
64487 Electrical Conductivity Decreasing
64488 Electrical Conductivity Constant
64489 None of these

2. What can be done to reduce or increase the conductivity of semiconductors?

64490 Germanium
64491 Silicon
64492 Impurities
64493 Tellurium

3. Which of the following are the special properties of semiconductors?

64494 Increasing the heat increases the electrical conductivity of semiconductors
64495 Can also be changed by electric field or light applied from outside
64496 Electronic devices are made by doping
64497 All of the above

4. Intrinsic semiconductor at room temperature will have,--------------------- available for conduction.

64498 Electrons
64499 Holes
64500 Both of the above
64501 None of these

5. Which one of the following is a semiconductor material?

64502 Gallium arsenide
64503 Phosphorous
64504 Diamond
64505 All of the above

6. Which of the following is true about Semiconductor material?

64506 Negative temperature coefficient of resistance
64507 Positive temperature coefficient of resistance
64508 Both of the above
64509 None of these

7. A semiconductor has generally ----------------- valence electrons.

64510 02
64511 04
64512 06
64513 08

8. The strength of a semiconductor crystal comes from---------------.

64514 Forces between nuclei
64515 Forces between protons
64516 Electron-pair bonds
64517 All of the above

9. A pn junction acts as a--------------.

64518 Unidirectional switch
64519 Controlled switch
64520 Bidirectional switch
64521 All of the above

10. Which type of material is obtained when an intrinsic semiconductor is doped with trivalent impurity?

64522 P-type semiconductor
64523 N-type semiconductor
64524 Extrinsic semiconductor
64525 None of these
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