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Digestive System Trivia Quiz! How Much You Know About Digestive System?

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The digestive system plays an important role in the life of human beings because the process of converting food into an energy-giving substance takes place in the digestive system. The digestive system is comprised of the alimentary canal and the associated digestive glands like the liver and pancreas. Let's play this trivia quiz about Digestive System.

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1. Which enzyme converts the starch into maltose?

10985 Amylase
10986 Maltase
10987 Lactase
10988 DNA polymerase

2. Which enzyme convert milk protein into calcium para caseinate?

10989 Lipase
10990 Rennin
10991 Pepsin
10992 Maltase

3. Which enzyme converts fats into glycerol and fatty acid?

10993 Pepsin
10994 Maltase
10995 Lipase
10996 Rennin

4. Which one is the longest in length to facilitate complete digestion of food in the human body?

10997 Large Intestine
10998 Stomach
10999 Buccal Cavity
11000 Small Intestine

5. Which Gland secretes bile juice?

11001 Liver
11002 Pancreas
11003 Hypothalamus
11004 Pineal Gland

6. The largest gland in the human body is...

11005 Pancrease
11006 Liver
11007 Thymus
11008 Adrenal

7. How many types of teeth human being have?

11009 2
11010 5
11011 4
11012 3

8. What is the arrangement of teeth in our mouth from front to back?

11013 Incisor-Canine-Molar-Premolar
11014 Canine-Molar-Premolar-Incisor
11015 Incisor-Canine-Premolar-Molar
11016 Canine-Premolar-Molar-Incisor

9. Where is the complete digestion of food takes place in the human digestive system?

11017 Small Intestine
11018 Large Intestine
11019 Buccal Cavity
11020 Stomach

10. Gastric Glands are preset in.....

11021 Pancreas
11022 Liver
11023 Wall of the stomach
11024 Wall of the small intestine
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