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Quiz: How Constipated Am I?

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For each and every person health is the main point to be kept in mind while thinking about any risk. One health problem that has taken a lot of people in its quagmire is Constipation. Much common disease among adults, children as well as old age people. But there are certain levels of constipation that you have till the time you can be completely called a constipated person. Have you ever thought about your level of constipation? Try out this interesting quiz to see How constipated am I? Get to know a better insight and overview of your health.

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1. How often do you have a stomach ache?

132963 Often
132964 Very often
132965 Somewha
132966 Rarely

2. How often do you eat junk food?

132967 Somewhat
132968 Often
132969 Rarely
132970 Very Often

3. How often do you workout?

132971 Often
132972 Rarely
132973 Somewhat
132974 Very Often

4. How often do you eat spicy food?

132975 Somewhat
132976 Often
132977 Very Often
132978 Rarely

5. How often do you visit a dietician?

132979 Often
132980 Very Often
132981 Somewhat
132982 Rarely

6. How often do you need to have food?

132983 Often
132984 Very Often
132985 Somewhat
132986 Rarely

7. How often you are constipated if you don't have a bowel movement every day?

132987 Rarely
132988 Somewhat
132989 Often
132990 Very Often

8. How often do you eat rice

132991 Somewhat
132992 Rarely
132993 Very Often
132994 Often

9. How often do you eat kiwi?

132995 Rarely
132996 Somewhat
132997 Often
132998 Very Often

10. How often do you eat chocolates?

132999 Often
133000 Very Often
133001 Somewhat
133002 Rarely

11. How often do you popcorn?

133003 Somewhat
133004 Often
133005 Very often
133006 Rarely
Let’s start the quiz

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