Birthcare Center Quiz: Which Birthcare Center Character Are You?

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
A famous South Korean drama series Birth Center shows the challenges and experiences faced by a new mother when she stays at a postpartum care centre. This drama shows the physical and emotional struggle of the mother after childbirth. It also shows that societal pressure affects the new mother and how she deals with it. This drama shows the hidden reality of a postpartum care center which is totally different from the expectation of the new mother. Some humor is also present in this show and it makes a good connection with viewers. So play this quiz and know which character are you from the drama Birthcare Centre.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you are stuck in a challenging situation what is your approach toward it?

A. I approach it with full confidence

B. I am trying traditional solutions

C. I take and give guidance and support to solve it

D. I just observe it and then do it best with my intelligence

2. In your friend circle, which role do you often play?

A. I just lead the group

B. I give some traditional views on any situation

C. I give the best advice to our friends

D. I provide emotional support to my friends

3. In which way do you handle your societal pressure?

A. I challenge them and redefine them according to my thought

B. I try to be comfortable with it

C. I try to find a way to come out the pressure

D. I just try to balance my values and the pressure in life

4. When you making a tough decision, you rely on the following:

A. My own instincts and believes

B. I follow the cultural and traditional norms

C. I just believe in the practicality of the solution

D. I just compromise with the situation

5. When you get a sudden change in your life then how do you react?

A. Accept it with enthusiasm

B. Accept it with caution

C. I adapt to the situation easily

D. I took time to adjust according to the change

6. In any stressful situation, how do you act?

A. I just take charge and lead the situation

B. I just follow my traditional routine

C. I stay calm and give support to another person also

D. Try to be clam

7. When you get personal setbacks how do you handle them?

A. Just analyze the situation and then work on it

B. I am trying to get support from my family

C. Use our first-hand experiences and come up from the situation

D. I am trying to take emotional support from my loved ones

8. Which role do you play in your social circle?

A. As an influence

B. One who follows cultural values

C. A supportive and reliable person

D. A caring person

9. When you pursue personal goals, how do you act?

A. I am ambitious towards my goal

B. I follow my heritage rules

C. I analyze the thing and become adaptable to achieve my goal

D. I work collaboratively

10. If any conflicts take place in your friend circle what do you do to solve them?

A. I observed the situation and said directly what I feel

B. I am trying to make a compromise

C. I am trying to mediate and provide a solution

D. I only listen to it and give emotional support


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