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Check Your Knowledge About Phylum Platyhelminthes Trivia Quiz

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Acoelomate flatworms are Platyhelminthes which have no respiratory organ or specialized circulatory system. They have a single opening into the digestive cavity. They have an organ level of organization and can be free-living or parasitic. They are the first triploblastic organisms. The body is thin, dorso-ventrally flattened. They have an incomplete digestive system with no anus. in tapeworm, the alimentary canal is absent. respiration occurs through body surface and excretion takes place by flame cell/ solenocyte. Thye shows both types of reproduction. Asexual reproduction takes place by transverse binary fission and they have great power of regeneration. So let's play this quiz and know more about kingdom Platyhelminthes.

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1. Who gave the term Platyhelminthes?

34831 Gegenberg gave
34832 Morgan
34833 Miller
34834 Porter

2. Who is more likely to get tapeworm/

34835 Non-vegetarian
34836 Vegetarian
34837 Both of them
34838 None of these

3. Which of the following penetrates through the skin and enter the intestine?

34839 Ascaris
34840 Liverfluke
34841 Hook worm
34842 Tapeworm

4. Flame cells are associated with ....

34843 Respiration
34844 Circuation
34845 Digestion
34846 Excretion

5. The head region of tapeworm is called ...

34847 Acetabulum
34848 Proglottid
34849 Scolex
34850 Proglottisation

6. What is true for male blood fluke?

34851 Shorter and slender
34852 Shorter and broader
34853 Longer and slender
34854 Longer and broader

7. The body of the tapeworm is composed of ....

34855 Scolex and neck
34856 Scolex and proglottids
34857 Neck and strobila
34858 Scolex, neck and proglottids

8. Liver rot is caused by ...

34859 Taneia solium
34860 Ascaris
34861 Fasciola hepatica
34862 turbellarians

9. Which one is the fish tapeworm?

34863 Taenia
34864 Diphyllobothrium
34865 Echincoccus
34866 Hymenolepis

10. What is the number of proglottids is present in Echinococcus granulosus?

34867 250-300
34868 25-50
34869 3-4
34870 10-20

11. Apolysis is

34871 Removal of gravid proglottids
34872 Removal of immature proglottids
34873 Shedding of scolex
34874 None of these

12. Which of the following is correct for tapeworm, liver fluke, and planaria?

34875 They are segmented
34876 They all have flattened body
34877 They are found in gut
34878 They all have a coelom
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