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Test Your Knowledge About UNICEF Organisation For Every Child Quiz

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UNICEF is an organization that serves the food, education and health needs of the world's children. It is about the time when the Second World War was going on, there was a lot of devastation in the world and a lot of loss of life. Due to this, many problems for children have arisen, UNICEF was created to eliminate these problems. It has a working group of 36 members who take care of its functions and give consent to carry out the programs of the ongoing schemes. In 2018, UNICEF assisted in the birth of 27 million babies, administered Pentavalent vaccines to an estimated 65.5 million children, provided education for 12 million children, treated four million children with severe acute malnutrition, and responded to 285 humanitarian emergencies in 90 countries. Let's know more about UNICEF Organisation For Every Child Quiz.

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1. UNICEF formed in which year on 11 December?

63946 In 1946
63947 In 1947
63948 In 1948
63949 In 1949

2. Where is headquarter of UNICEF?

63950 New York City, US
63951 Los Angeles, US
63952 Chicago, US
63953 New Jersey, US

3. Who is the current brand ambassador of UNICEF?

63954 Priyanka Chopra
63955 David Beckham
63956 Lilly Singh
63957 Shakira

4. Where is East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office of UNICEF?

63958 Amman, Jordan
63959 Bangkok, Thailand
63960 Kathmandu, Nepal
63961 None of these

5. Where is South Asia Regional Office of UNICEF?

63962 Bangkok, Thailand
63963 Kathmandu, Nepal
63964 Panama City, Panama
63965 None of these

6. Which of the following is the head of UNICEF?

63966 Audrey Azoulay
63967 Henrietta H. Fore
63968 Charlotte Petri Gornitzka
63969 George M. Whitesides

7. There are UNICEF National Committees in --------------- industrialized countries worldwide.

63970 30 industrialized
63971 36 industrialized
63972 96 industrialized
63973 66 industrialized

8. In which year UNICEF's mandate was extended to address the long-term needs of children and women?

63974 In 1950
63975 In 1955
63976 In 1960
63977 In 1966

9. When did UNICEF become a permanent part of the United Nations system?

63978 In 1950
63979 In 1952
63980 In 1953
63981 In 1955

10. When was UNICEF awarded the Nobel Prize in the field of peace?

63982 In 1965
63983 In 1975
63984 In 1985
63985 In 1995
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