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Which Type Of Man Is Your Soulmate Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What according to you might be a perfect date?

93634 Cuddling and watching movies
93635 Talking about philosophies
93636 Finger painting
93637 Going to a bar or club

2. With which character from Marvel, your ideal soulmate might match?

93638 Captain America
93639 Dr.Starnge
93640 Iron man
93641 Spider Man

3. What is the most important quality you want in a partner?

93642 Loyalty
93643 Aventure
93644 Honesty
93645 Chivilary

4. What is the first part of a guy that attracts you towards him?

93646 Eyes
93647 Lips
93648 Legs
93649 Nose

5. According to you, which place might be best when you need to find a soulmate in dreams?

93650 Mutual friends
93651 Art work
93652 Random Place
93653 Social media

6. How would you react if your soulmate hangs out with their friends?

93654 Happy!
93655 A bit annoyed
93656 Jealous
93657 I couldn't care less

7. What would you gift your soulmate on Valentine's day?

93658 Handmade card
93659 Bouquet of flowers
93660 Box of chocolate
93661 DIY art

8. What do you prefer from your guy: Complete honesty or Sometimes lie?

93662 Completely honest
93663 Some white lie would work
93664 Sometimes it is important for a person to lie
93665 I just want to hear what I want

9. Which type of person would you date: someone popular or someone who has very few friends?

93666 Popular one!
93667 A person with few friedns
93668 Somewhere in the middle
93669 Social circle doesn't affects me

10. Who is going to pay for the date: you or him?

93670 Me
93671 Obvio him
93672 Both equally
93673 Depends on mood

11. How would your soulmate smell like in the morning?

93674 Clean Cotton
93675 Musk
93676 Sandalwood
93677 Lemongrass
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