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Specific Heat Quiz: How Much You Know About Specific Heat?

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1. Which of the following formulas is related to Heat and Temperature?

148770 Q=cm√T
148771 Q=cm∆T
148772 Q=cm∆t
148773 None of these

2. Which one of the following would be the best insulator?

148774 Air
148775 Aluminum
148776 Copper
148777 All of the above-mentioned

3. Which is the lowest possible temperature on the Kelvin scale?

148778 Boiling point
148779 Insulation
148780 Absolute zero
148781 Melting point

4. A high specific heat requires means:

148782 It requires less energy to change temperature
148783 It requires more energy to change temperature
148784 Both of the above
148785 None of these

5. Which unit do you use to measure Thermal Energy?

148786 J/Kg ºC
148787 Kg
148788 ºC
148789 J

6. Which is the symbol for Thermal Energy in the specific heat formula?

148790 Q
148791 T
148792 M
148793 C

7. Which of the following equation measure the change in Thermal Energy?

148794 Q= ∆mct
148795 m=QC
148796 Q=mc∆t
148797 Q=mc

8. The amount of energy required to raise the temperature 1ºC for every kilogram is called:

148798 Temperature
148799 Kinetic Energy
148800 Thermal Energy
148801 Specific Heat

9. How does heat flow?

148802 Always from cold to warm
148803 Always from warm to cold
148804 Both of the above
148805 None of the above

10. A measure of the energy needed to increase the average kinetic energy of the particles called:

148806 Temperature
148807 Kinetic Energy
148808 Thermal Energy
148809 Specific Heat

11. What does temperature measure?

148810 Heat of Molecules
148811 Degree Celsius
148812 Average Kinetic Energy of Molecules
148813 All of the above mentioned

12. Temperature measured in which of the following?

148814 Rankine (R)
148815 Kelvin(K)
148816 Fahrenheit (°F)
148817 All of the above
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