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Rare Earth Elements Trivia Quiz! Test Your Knowledge About Rare Earth Elements

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Rare Earth Element is a group of 17 rare metal elements found in the upper crust of the Earth. Rare Earth elements, unlike their names, are found abundantly on Earth, but their processing is very complex. These elements have better catalytic, metallurgical, atomic, electrical, and magnetic properties than other metals. And these elements share many similar properties, due to which it is very difficult to separate them from each other or to identify them separately. It's very important in the areas of technological development, space research, etc. today. Nature-friendly means should be searched for the processing of this so that there is minimal damage to nature along with the development works.

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1. Mining and processing of rare soil elements causes large amounts of _____________ pollution.

51330 Water pollution
51331 Air pollution
51332 Soil pollution
51333 Thermal pollution

2. Which state rich in Rare Earth element material in India?

51334 Gujarat
51335 Rajasthan
51336 Orissa
51337 Keral

3. Rare Earth element used in which electronics equipment?

51338 Smart phone
51339 HD display
51340 Electric car
51341 All of the above

4. What is the approximate percentage of China's market share of REE at present?

51342 90 present
51343 94 present
51344 95 present
51345 99 present

5. Which red earth element has the highest reserves in Mongolia province?

51346 Bastnasite deposits
51347 Monazite
51348 Lanthanide
51349 Platinum

6. Rare soil elements have ____________ electrical conductivity.

51350 High
51351 Low
51352 Zero
51353 Negative

7. Which is the color of the rare Earth element?

51354 Silver White
51355 Silver
51356 Gray
51357 All of the above

8. Monazite is a mixed Rare soil is ........

51358 Phosphate
51359 Diphosphate
51360 Triphosphate
51361 Gunmetal

9. According to AMD, how many million tonnes of monazite sources have been discovered in India?

51362 11.90 million tons
51363 11.91 million tons
51364 11.92 million tons
51365 11.93 million tons

10. According to an estimate, the market of rare soil elements in India is more than how many thousand crores rupees?

51366 100 thousand crores
51367 90 thousand crores
51368 200 thousand crores
51369 250 thousand crores

11. Under what supervision in India is limited mining of rare soil elements?

51370 Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
51371 Erstwhile Indian Rare Earths Limited
51372 Atomic Minerals Directorate for-- Exploration and Research
51373 All of the above

12. Currently, in which area does segregation work by the Indian Government Enterprise Erstwhile Indian Rare Earths Limited?

51374 Chavara
51375 Manavalakurichi
51376 Chhatarpur
51377 All of the above
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