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Quiz: Which Ozark Character Are You?

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The action-packed series is on its way to becoming the top of the list. With its thrilling plotline and endless twists and turns, ‘Ozark’ has us grabbing the edge of our seats. Do you wonder if you can survive the world of Marty? It is a dangerous world, and surviving in it takes intelligence. Are you smart like Marty? Or do you get easily scared? Take the quiz to find out which character are you.

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1. How old are you?

127782 1-12
127783 13-19
127784 20-40
127785 40-60

2. How big is your family?

127786 Just me and my parents
127787 My parents and my two brothers
127788 Grandma and I
127789 I don’t have a family

3. If you found out about your parents’ criminal history, you would __________?

127790 Become a part of it
127791 Keep it a secret
127792 Tell my best friend
127793 Call the cops

4. How far would you go to save your family?

127794 As far as it takes
127795 So far as it’s legal
127796 Not sure
127797 Abandon them

5. If a mafia threatens to kill you, you would __________?

127798 Plan to kill him first
127799 Run and hide
127800 Call the cops
127801 Join a rival gang

6. How would you describe yourself?

127802 Intelligent
127803 Authoritative
127804 Determined
127805 Moody

7. Can you work under pressure?

127806 Absolutely
127807 Mostly
127808 Sometimes
127809 Not at all

8. How do you feel about moving away?

127810 If the new place is good then it’s fine
127811 I’d only move for work
127812 I’d be sad
127813 I’d find reasons to avoid moving

9. If you found out your partner is cheating, you would __________?

127814 Break up
127815 Seek revenge
127816 Forgive them
127817 Use them as bait for your illegal work

10. What crime do you think you can commit flawlessly?

127818 Murder
127819 Money-laundering
127820 Bank robbery
127821 Drug dealing
Let’s start the quiz

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