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Quiz: What Sign Are You?

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The astronomical signs have existed for ages and they have always influenced the life of every person. Some accept their influence while some do not. Whatever it is, the daily horoscope in the morning newspaper attracts even the non-believer's eyes. Do you believe in the wonders of the astronomical signs? I know you do, but do you know which sign you really are. Let's find out now with this easy quiz.

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1. What is your favorite color?

121756 Blue
121757 Black
121758 Red
121759 Yellow

2. Which is your favorite vacation spot?

121760 Beach
121761 Mountains
121762 Valleys
121763 Forest

3. What is your gender?

121764 Male
121765 Female
121766 Transgender
121767 Others

4. Do you believe in God?

121768 Yes
121769 No
121770 Maybe
121771 I am a priest

5. Do you have a short temper?

121772 Yes
121773 No
121774 Sometimes
121775 I don't know

6. What do you do when you see someone crying for food?

121776 Give them food
121777 Ignore
121778 Beat them up
121779 I show sympathy

7. What is your hobby?

121780 Reading books
121781 Cooking food
121782 Playing games
121783 Chatting with friends

8. Do you have a motorbike?

121784 Yes
121785 No
121786 I had one
121787 I want to have one

9. Have you ever gone to an astrologer?

121788 No
121789 Yes
121790 I don't believe them
121791 Don't want to say

10. What is your favorite animal?

121792 Lion
121793 Elephant
121794 Horse
121795 Fish
Let’s start the quiz

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