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Quiz: How Typical An Aries Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. What is your favorite color?

217123 Yellow or Gold
217124 Red or Pink
217125 Green or Purple
217126 Black or Grey

2. How often do you get angry?

217127 All the time
217128 Sometimes if there is a reason
217129 Rarely
217130 I don’t usually get angry

3. What is your favorite genre in music?

217131 Rock
217132 Metal
217133 Classical
217134 Jazz

4. How would you react if your friend lies to you?

217135 Try to understand the reason
217136 Ignoring him
217137 Fighting
217138 Passive aggression

5. What would you do if you failed an audition?

217139 Start feeling insecure about everything
217140 Isolate myself in the room from days
217141 Eat a lot as it makes me happy
217142 Failure is just a step for success

6. What would you do if your friends invite you to a party but you are busy?

217143 Go! Who ditches their friends?
217144 Politely tell them that I have work
217145 Ignore them, switching off phone always works
217146 Go for some time and not let the work get affected

7. How introverted are you?

217147 I am the most introverted in my friend group
217148 I am a social butterfly
217149 I can be both introvert and extrovert
217150 I hate going out but my friends force me

8. How would you describe yourself?

217151 I am shy and introverted
217152 I work hard for my dreams
217153 I get insecure easily
217154 I am confident

9. Which hair type do you have?

217155 Straight
217156 Curly
217157 Wavy
217158 Coily

10. What type of people do you like to become friends with?

217159 Kind hearted
217160 Caring
217161 Intellectual
217162 Helpful

11. How do you react when people give you their advice?

217163 Take the advice politely
217164 Get irritated
217165 Argue with them
217166 Ignore them

12. Can you tell if a person is lying?

217167 Yes, I can read eyes
217168 Sometimes
217169 I can but I don’t create opinions unless I am sure about it
217170 No

13. What do you do when you are alone?

217171 Meditate
217172 Work
217173 Chill
217174 Think about other people

14. What do you do if someone offers their help?

217175 Take their help if I need it
217176 I don’t like favors
217177 Who are they to help me?
217178 Politely say no

15. What are your plans for the future?

217179 Work for my dreams
217180 Just stay happy
217181 Leave the work and go on a long vacation
217182 Not sure about anything
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