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Quiz: What Reptile should I get?

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Questions & Options

1. How much money are you willing to spend on your pet?

133730 A small amount
133731 Not a lot
133732 As much as I can
133733 Depends on the pet

2. Are you afraid of snakes?

133734 Not really
133735 Yes, a lot
133736 No, they are cute
133737 No, but won’t keep them as pet

3. Are you afraid of other reptiles?

133738 No, why would I be
133739 Yes, I am
133740 A few of them scares me
133741 No, I love all of them

4. How much time in a day can you spend playing with your pet?

133742 1 hour
133743 15-20 minutes
133744 Half an hour
133745 All day

5. What would you do if your pet bit you?

133746 Get rid of it
133747 Will throw it away
133748 Will resale it
133749 I won’t mind and will go to a doctor

6. Can you handle a pet that jumps high or sticks to walls?

133750 I can handle it
133751 I don’t want a pet like that
133752 No chance
133753 I am not sure

7. Why do you want a reptile as a pet?

133754 For my kids
133755 To show off to my friends
133756 To play with them
133757 Because they look cool

8. Do you feel the lives of humans are more important than animals?

133758 Yes
133759 No
133760 I feel both are important
133761 Rather not say

9. What kind of reptile do you want to buy?

133762 Any type is fine
133763 A snake
133764 A turtle
133765 A lizard

10. What size of reptile would you like?

133766 Small
133767 Huge
133768 Average
133769 Not sure
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