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Quiz: How Much You Know About Ranking of Technology Country?

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In the third year, IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking measures capacity and readiness of 63 different economies for adopting and exploring digital technologies as a key driver of economic transformation in business, government as well as wider society. Technology affects business performance as well as economical function. Hence it also prepares for the future. Governments all around the world are now investing heavily in their digital economy for improving value creation as well as prosperity. IMD World Competitiveness Centre Director and professor, Arturo Bris says, “In the midst of uncertainty and a fluid global situation, it seems that business and societies that are agile correlate strongly with the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking. Knowledge also remains of paramount importance for the digital performance of different economies”. Let's know more about the ranking of technology countries.

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1. Rankings are calculated on the basis of:

95190 51 ranked criteria
95191 52 ranked criteria
95192 53 ranked criteria
95193 54 ranked criteria

2. The number of factors defined by WDC ranking for Digital Competitiveness is:

95194 2
95195 3
95196 4
95197 5

3. The largest improvement in the ranking was experienced by:

95198 Asian Countries
95199 European Countries
95200 African countries
95201 Australia

4. One of the methodologies used by IMD rankings were:

95202 Knowledge
95203 Power
95204 Resources
95205 None

5. The technology was further categorized into:

95206 Talent, training and education
95207 Regulatory framework, Capital and Technological Framework
95208 Adoptive Attitudes, Business Agility, IT Integration
95209 All of them

6. On the basis of large country ranking, the leading country in innovation is:

95210 South Korea
95211 Switzerland
95212 Japan
95213 Sweden

7. Overall leading country on the basis of innovation performance is:

95214 USA
95215 South Korea
95216 Switzerland
95217 Iceland

8. Full form of NAM is:

95218 National Authority of marketers
95219 National Authority of Manufacturers
95220 National Association of Manufacturers
95221 None of the above

9. President of NAM is:

95222 R. Stevenson
95223 J.L. Louis
95224 J. Timmons
95225 None of the above

10. Non-partisan affiliate of NAM is:

95226 The Manufacturing Institute
95227 The Boston Consulting Group
95228 Marketing Association
95229 None of the above

11. India’s position in WDC is:

95230 41
95231 42
95232 43
95233 44

12. The largest jump in the overall ranking was registered by:

95234 India
95235 China
95236 Indonesia
95237 Jakarta
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