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Quiz: How Much You Know About Chris Hemsworth?

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Chris Hemsworth has been described as one of the world's most beautiful people & he is an Australian actor. Chris Hemsworth's eight Marvel Cinematic Universe is known to play the role of Thor in films. Who established them as one of the leading and most earning artists in the world. He acted in many Avenger's franchisees and he is considered to be one of the favorite actors of people to play Marvel Hero. So, what do you know about Chris Hemsworth? Take our quiz and find out right now.

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1. When was born Chris Hemsworth?

84005 11 August 1983
84006 15 August 1983
84007 11 August 1983
84008 15 August 1987

2. Chris Hemsworth won his debut title based on which movie set?

84009 Thor
84010 Avengers
84011 Tony stark
84012 None of these

3. Which role did Chris Hemsworth win by starring in Thor?

84013 Legend
84014 Best actor
84015 Iconic
84016 None of these

4. For what movie did he win an award in 2013?

84017 The Avengers
84018 Avengers infinity
84019 The Dark world
84020 None of these

5. What's the name of his character in the movie Red Dawn?

84021 Jed floop
84022 Jed Eckert
84023 Super man
84024 None of these

6. When did Chris Hemsworth start his acting career?

84025 In 2004
84026 In 1983
84027 In 2000
84028 In 2001

7. What is the net worth of Chris Hemsworth?

84029 $ 130 million
84030 $ 130 billion
84031 $ 100 billion
84032 $ 100 million

8. What is the height of Chris Hemsworth?

84033 1.9 m
84034 1.8 m
84035 1.7 m
84036 1.6 m

9. What is the name of her wife?

84037 Gal Gadot
84038 Jordana Brewster
84039 Elsa Pataky
84040 Nathalie Emmanuel
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