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Pretty, Cute Or Beautiful, What I Am Quiz?

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There are numerous extraordinary searches for females, and every has its very own irrefutable charm. A few people have called you delightful; some have called you adorable while others simply call you lovely. However, every young lady realizes that every one of these words have their own hidden significance with regards to fellows.. Which of these would you say you are - entirely, charming, hot or wonderful? Take this self-revelation test and discover which one best portrays you.

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1. What is your eye color?

1360 Black
1361 Green
1362 Blue
1363 Brown

2. How is your height?

1364 Tall
1365 Short
1366 Medium
1367 Long

3. How is your skin tone?

1368 Light
1369 Dark brown
1370 Medium
1371 Brown

4. What is your body type?

1372 Apple
1373 Banana
1374 Pear
1375 Hourglass

5. Which is your favorite color?

1376 Red
1377 Black
1378 White
1379 Turquoise

6. Which type of cloth material you like?

1380 Cotton
1381 Silk
1382 Linen
1383 Denim

7. Which fashion style you prefer?

1384 Vintage fashion style
1385 Sexy
1386 Sophisticated
1387 Casual

8. Which handbag you carry the most?

1388 Wallet
1389 Clutches
1390 Sling bag
1391 Shoulder bags
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