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How Technically Savvy Are You Quiz

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Technology is one of the most crucial things in the 21st century! The upgrading of technology has definitely resulted in great success and great and increasing platforms for improvement. For any person, having good knowledge about technology is a boost for his career. Have you ever heard of the term technically savvy? Well, if you aren't aware, it means having good knowledge of technology and computers. Have you ever thought if you might too be somewhat technically savvy? But are you sure you are clearly at the perfect level? Or you think you need some sort of improvement and knowledge? You might be eager to know How Technically Savvy Are You? Try out this quiz and get your answers!!

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1. Describe your personality?

96938 Calm
96939 Adventurous
96940 Smart
96941 Quirky

2. On a scale of 1-10, how much knowledge do you think you have about technology?

96942 10
96943 7.5
96944 5
96945 2

3. What will you choose?

96946 Segway
96947 Oculus Rift
96948 Apple Watch
96949 Google Glass

4. If you aren't able to access internet, what will you do?

96950 Start composing a rage tweet
96951 Call someone who knows about it
96952 root through network diagnostics panel
96953 I don't know

5. If a movie you love is not on theaters, what will you do?

96954 Wait for DVD
96955 Watch Online
96956 Wait for it come online
96957 Start crying

6. If you are sick and stuck at home, what will you do?

96958 Netflix and chill
96959 Play games
96960 Call over a friend
96961 Sleep

7. What comes to your mind when you think about RAM?

96962 A sheep with gnarly horns
96963 A big truck
96964 A speedy computer
96965 random Access Memory

8. While buying a computer, what is more, important for you?

96966 Customization and Up gradable
96967 Reliable brand
96968 Reasonable price
96969 RAM

9. How do you protect your electronic data?

96970 With passwords which is easy to remember
96971 Difficult password
96972 With a gun
96973 Some encryption

10. Pick your favorite tool to edit photos?

96974 Photoshop
96975 Microsoft
96976 Instagram filters
96977 GIMP

11. What do you think when it comes to maintenance?

96978 All system checks runs automatically
96979 I back up my process
96980 I only care when there is some problem
96981 I generally leave

12. How do you communicate with your loved ones?

96982 Skype
96983 Social Media
96984 Call them
96985 Write them a letter
Let’s start the quiz

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