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How Savage Are You Quiz

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1. Do you enjoy having small talks with strangers?

148374 Yes, I love small talks
148375 Yes, but not much
148376 No, I would rather stay quiet
148377 No, I don't even reply to what a stranger says to me

2. What would you rather choose to watch?

148378 Sitcom
148379 Romcom
148380 Dark comedy
148381 A wildlife documentary

3. Which is your favorite extracurricular activity?

148382 Debating
148383 Theatre
148384 None of the above
148385 I don't like to do extracurricular activities

4. Have you ever bullied someone?

148386 Yes, it was a fun experience
148387 Yes, but I regret doing it
148388 No, I never got a chance
148389 No, I would never do that

5. What would you do if a friend betrays you?

148390 I will insult them
148391 I will ask for a justification
148392 I will ignore them
148393 I don't have any friends

6. What do you find the most offensive?

148394 When someone makes fun of your appearance
148395 When someone makes fun of your mental health
148396 When someone mocks your family relations
148397 I don't find any of the above offensive

7. Are you more emotional or logical in an argument?

148398 Emotional
148399 Logical
148400 Both
148401 None

8. How would you choose to embarrass someone if you had to?

148402 By punching them in the face
148403 By tearing apart their clothes
148404 By bullying them in public
148405 By mimicking their actions

9. What defines your personality the best?

148406 I'm a pile of comebacks
148407 I'm always ready to argue
148408 I ignore the people who criticise me
148409 I'm socially anxious

10. What will make you cry the easiest?

148410 A scolding from my parents
148411 A minor injury
148412 Losing a friendship
148413 Death of a movie character
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