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Quiz: How Much You Know About Zoogeography Realms?

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It is believed that about 375 million years ago, the whole landmass was one piece called Pangaea. Due to geographical changes, this Landmark separated broke off and drifted apart by major barriers of sea, deserts or mountains. All these regions had the different climatic and topographic condition but the animals may have passed from one part to another. Earth can be divided into 6 biogeographic regions on the basis of the distribution of plants and animals. These regions are called realms. So take the Zoogeography Realms quiz and check your knowledge about zooGeographic realms.

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1. In how many geographic regions, earth has been divided by A.R. Wallace?

43365 4
43366 3
43367 5
43368 6

2. Who proposed biogeographic realms for the first time for the distribution of birds?

43369 A.R. Wallace
43370 P.L. Sclater
43371 Weber
43372 Darwin

3. Under which realm, India is considered as a part?

43373 Ethiopian
43374 Nearctic
43375 Oriental
43376 Palearctic

4. Which realm is the home of monotremes?

43377 Australian
43378 Oriental
43379 Neotropical
43380 All of these

5. The presence of a cassowary and Lyrebird is a characteristic of.....

43381 Oriental realm
43382 Neotropical realm
43383 Nearctic realm
43384 Australian realm

6. Wallace had divided Earth into 6 realms, on the basis of their......

43385 Temperature
43386 Flora
43387 Fauna
43388 All of the above

7. In which realm poisonous snakes are abundant?

43389 Ethiopian
43390 Oriental
43391 Nearctic
43392 Palearctic

8. Which of the following bird is present in the neotropical realm?

43393 Guinea fowl
43394 Ostrich
43395 Rhea
43396 Robin

9. Which one of the following is a lungfish of the African continent?

43397 Lepidosiren
43398 Neoceratodus
43399 Lepidosteus
43400 Protopterus

10. Which two realms combined to form the Holarctic realm?

43401 Palearctic and nearctic
43402 Nearctic and Ethiopian
43403 Palearctic and neotropical
43404 Australian and Oriental
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