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Sun Trivia Quiz! How Much Do You Know About The Sun?

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The Sun is the central member of the Solar System. The Sun completes the revolution of the center of the galaxy in crores of years, which is called the Cosmic Year. The Sun, the central member of the Solar System. The speed of sunlight is about 3 lakh kilometers per second. It takes about 8 minutes for sunlight to reach the Earth. The central part of the Sun's internal structure is called the Core while the outer part of the outer structure is called the Corona, which is visible at the time of the solar eclipse. This emits X-Ray. The photosphere is the visible part of the sun in normal time. It is the closest star to the Earth. So take this quiz and know more about the sun.

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1. What is the age of the Sun?

24518 4.4 billion year
24519 6.6 billion year
24520 4.6 billion year
24521 4.3 billion year

2. What is the diameter of the Sun?

24522 1392000 km
24523 1395000 km
24524 1352000 km
24525 1313130 km

3. Which is the largest satellite of the solar system?

24526 Titan
24527 Moon
24528 Ganymede
24529 All of above

4. Small spots appear on the sun surface these are called....

24530 Solar stigmas
24531 Solar wind
24532 Solar storm
24533 Non of these

5. The Sun is a ________ type main sequence star.

24534 P- type
24535 G- type
24536 S- type
24537 All type

6. What percent of the Sun's energy produced comes from the CNO cycle?

24538 Only 0.08%
24539 Only 1.8%
24540 Only 0.8%
24541 Only 0.18%

7. What is the meaning of the CNO cycle?

24542 Calcium-Nitrate -Oxygen
24543 Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen
24544 Copper-Nitrogen-Oxygen
24545 None of these

8. The first satellite designed to observe the Sun was NASA's _________.

24546 Helios
24547 Pioneer 5
24548 Space shuttle
24549 All of above

9. Japan's Yonkoh (solar beam) satellite observed solar flares at X-ray wavelength. When was it launched?

24550 In 1990
24551 In 1999
24552 In 1992
24553 In 1991

10. Which is the latest spacecraft sent by NASA to find out the secret of Sun's corona and the solar wind?

24554 Eugene Newman Parker
24555 Solar probe power
24556 Parker Solar Probe
24557 None of these
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