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How Much You Know About Lost Colony of Roanoke In America Quiz

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The Roanoke Colony was the first effort by the British to establish a colony in North America. Unfortunately, the colony failed when settlers disappeared under mysterious circumstances and the colony became known as the "Lost Colony". The land of Virginia in North America is known as Roanoke Island. Roanoke's first expedition was led by Sir R.G. Greenville left more than 100 people in Roanoke in charge of Ralph Lane. Greenville then returned to England to collect additional supplies for the settlement. Let's know more about Roanoke Colony in North America.

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1. Which US state is Roanoke located in today?

59258 California
59259 California
59260 North Carolina
59261 None of the these

2. Which one of the following was the first child born in the Americas to English parents?

59262 Virginia Dare
59263 Elizabeth White
59264 Pocahontas
59265 All of the above

3. Which is the famous explorer who brought the settlers from the first colony of Roanoke back to England?

59266 James Cook
59267 Sir Francis Drake
59268 Both of the above
59269 None of these

4. Which one country established the Colony of Roanoke?

59270 Netherlands
59271 England
59272 France
59273 All of the above

5. Where was the word Croatoan found?

59274 Written with pebbles on the ground
59275 Carved on a fence post
59276 Both of the above
59277 None of these

6. By whom lead of the second colony of Roanoke?

59278 An abandoned village
59279 Only a few settlers
59280 A bustling colony
59281 None of these

7. England lead by whom at the time the Roanoke colony was settled?

59282 Queen Elizabeth I
59283 King James II
59284 King Henry VIII
59285 All of the above

8. The first colony was established by the which governor?

59286 Ralph Lane
59287 Sir Walter Raleigh
59288 Simon Fernandes
59289 none of these

9. When was the first colony was established in Roanoke Island?

59290 In 1585
59291 In 1586
59292 In 1587
59293 In 1588

10. When was the second colony led by John White landed on the same island?

59294 In 1587
59295 In 1588
59296 In 1589
59297 In 1590

11. The Roanoke Colony was located on Roanoke Island off the coast of -----------------.

59298 North Carolina
59299 West Carolina
59300 North America
59301 None of these

12. The only clues that White found included the word "----------------" carved.

59302 Crop
59303 Cro
59304 Croatoan
59305 Comp
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